There is a daily act of worship which is broadly Christian in nature but may involve considerations of other faiths. Assemblies can take many forms such as class, Key Stage or whole school. We often welcome visitors to participate in our assemblies including members of the local community.

We warmly welcome families to our weekly Monday and Friday Assemblies. As part of our Monday assembly we focus on a theme for the week, this is often introduced through a story or a shared experience. Our theme for the week often links to our celebration assembly. As part of our celebration assembly each  teacher awards a member of their class with a certificate, then explains to the school why they have awarded it to them. Other celebrations within this assembly are our weekly house points totals, the attendance cup along with sporting and music certificates.

Parents have a right to withdraw their children from assemblies or religious education. If that right is to be exercised then parents should contact the school so suitable alternative arrangements can be made.

“Wow! We’re delighted with his report. Charlie loves school and this is clearly shown in his studies. Thank you to all the staff”

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