Equality of Opportunity

It is the school’s policy that all children and their parents be treated equally regardless of gender, religion, race, nationality, social background or disability.

The school receives additional funding for some children, we are accountable to ensure this funding results in accelerated progress for these pupils.

The school is currently conducting an external review in to how it spends it’s additional funding. The results of this review will be published as soon as they can be.

Last academic year we identified that we were narrowing the gap between children who are eligible for this funding, known as Pupil Premium, and their peers. We feel we can improve on this, this academic year, and have strategies in place to meet the target of accelerated progress.

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2017-2018

Anti-Racism Policy

The school has a race equality policy and takes a strong view against racism. Members of staff will not ignore any form of verbal racist abuse. Racist statements will not go unchallenged. All racist incidents will be reported and appropriate action will be taken by the head teacher.

Special Educational Needs

All of our classes contain children with a mixture of abilities. Teaching programmes are developed by each teacher for either individual children or groups of similar ability. Should any specific difficulties arise, then they are discussed with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

Where appropriate, further assistance and advice is sought following the National Code of Practice. Parents are both informed and consulted over any difficulty.

Children who show above average ability in any subject will receive support, encouragement, and work set at an appropriate level to encourage and develop their ability (as will all of our pupils).

Additional help and support can be accessed via the Northamptonshire Local Offer

Pupil related data 

Southfield Primary Academy is a Primary School of above average size. The great majority of students have a White British background, with a small number coming from other mixed ethnic backgrounds. The number of boys and girls in the school is more or less even. The number of students who take free school meals is below average. There is a below average number of pupils with a statement of special educational needs or an Educational Health Care Plan. The percentage of children with Special Educational Needs or with an Educational Health Care Plan is broadly in line with national statistics (12%). 

Overall student levels of attainment are broadly average. In addition, we collect data across a range of characteristics indicating attainment and progress of specific groups. All pupils are tracked as individuals and as groups. Systems are now in place to closely monitor if identified groups perform equally well in order to recognise and address any inconsistencies in attainment or progress.

Equality Objectives 

We aim to provide the best possible education for all at Southfield Primary Academy The ethos of our school clearly reflects our commitment to fully including, respecting and supporting all members of our school community whatever their culture,  background, belief, gender, race or ability.

Having referred to and analysed our equality information we have set ourselves the following objectives:-

Objective 1: To ensure that the curriculum effectively supports the needs of all children, with particular reference to vulnerable groups.

Objective 2: To ensure that there are no significant differences in progress of identifiable groups including gender, pupils receiving Pupil Premium and those with Special Educational Needs.

The Leadership and Governors of Southfield Primary Academy will annually review how well we achieve these aims with regard to the protected groups under the Equality Act.