Pupil Behaviour

We strive to provide a positive learning environment where all abilities can prosper. Positive attitudes, behaviour and work are recognised and praised by staff. House and Pupil points are not given for good behaviour as good behaviour is an expectation.

At Southfield Primary Academy, we use a positive behaviour modification system called 1-2-3 Magic (see more information on the Parent pages).

Should a child’s behaviour fall below the high standards we expect, in the first instance this is dealt with by the class teacher. On the rare occasions when there is continuing unacceptable behaviour then a range of counselling and sanctions may be offered or applied. Sanctions may include loss of privileges, restriction to certain areas, some loss of break or lunchtime.

If necessary, senior members of staff such as Year Leaders or members of the Senior Leadership Team may become involved supporting the child; we will then talk to parents or carers to make sure that they are aware of our concerns and to seek their co-operation and support.



Southfield Primary Academy is committed to providing a caring, safe and friendly environment in which children can learn in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable. The school stance is to have zero tolerance of bullying and to deal with incidents in the most effective manner we can. Pupils are taught to respect themselves and others and if bullying does occur pupils should feel comfortable to be able to talk to someone about it.

Definition of Bullying:   A deliberate action(s) in order to hurt or upset someone. It may hurt someone physically or it may hurt his or her feelings. Bullying is continued, repeated and personal rather than a one-off act.

We encourage all parents and children to make us aware as quickly as possible of any bullying incidents. The school will listen carefully and record such incidents. As well as giving support to the victim, full investigations into the incidents will be conducted. Parents will be informed as appropriate. Counselling, assemblies and sessions to highlight that bullying is unacceptable will be undertaken as part of the school’s Physical, Health and Social education programme.

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