Pupil Premium

Our school receives our funding directly from the Educational Funding Authority. The amount that we receive is largely decided by how many pupils we have and we receive additional funds for pupils whose families receive certain benefits – this additional funding is called the Pupil Premium. This funding increase was set up to ensure that all pupils have the equal opportunity to achieve their full potential.

As a school we spend that money in ways which can be as individual as the need of each child. We also fund whole school initiatives to improve wellbeing, attainment and progress. If your child is one of those for whom we receive additional funding, we will contact you to invite you in for a chat about your ideas for how we can best support your child to be the very best that they can be.


No. pupils – 22

Income – £32,419

Provision Continued / New
Aims / Objectives
How will impact be measured? Cost 2017-2018
Nest supplies and staffing CTo ensure social and academic inclusion during lunch times Pupil voice, observations from adults in nest, incidents of disagreements and behaviour remain stable £2500
Uniform Grant C To provide children with uniform that enables them to have a sense of self-worth and a readiness to learn Numbers of families accessing funding to be monitored £2000
50% clubs CTo enhance curriculum experience and social developmentNumbers of families accessing funding to be monitored £1000
50% trips monitored CTo enhance curriculum experience and social developmentNumbers of families accessing funding to be £1000
Sensory Circuits Staffing (TA time) CTo address individual target areas such as motor control and focus monitoringIn-school intervention Per group £17.40 pw x 4 groups = £69.60pw
X £39 weeks = £2,714.40
Lego therapy supplies and staffing CTo address individual targets such as social interaction In-school intervention monitoring£10.40 x 39 = £405.60
(1 group)
Nurture Support CTo deliver specialist interventions such as protective behaviours In-school intervention monitoring & performance management 7 hours per week
Disadvantaged Leadership and Coordination CTo monitor and lead the provision for disadvantaged children.Performance management1 day per week
Focus intervention teacher Term 3 & 4 NTo deliver focused academic interventions for disadvantaged childrenIn-school intervention monitoring3 mornings per week
Outside agency costings NTo provide individual specialist support as neededTargets and tracking for individuals using whole school systems As needed
Metacognition Ethos & Lessons NTo further develop children’s understanding of ‘learning to learn’ strategies as endorsed by the Education Endowment Foundation Observations, pupil progress£100
Catch Up NumeracyNTo support those children experiencing significant difficulties with mathematics and numberTracking and progress of 1:1 sessions £1000

“I was incredibly impressed with the children’s knowledge of what an MP is and the quality of their questions.” 

Andrea Leadsom MP

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