Netball Training Pays Off

At 3:30pm on Wednesday the 9th of May, Jack, Eleanor, Charlotte, Charlie, Louise, Amelia, Neve , George, Mrs. Lewton , Mrs. Jolly and our coach Sam left to go to the netball tournament  in Magdalen Collage School. In the first round we were against Bracken Leas school, in that game we won 5:1. In the second game, we played against Newbottle and Charlton, they won in that game 6:0, they were a really good team. In our third game, we played against Croughton”A” in that game we won 1:0. After half time nobody won 0:0. In our final game, we won 2:0. Overall everyone had a great time and we were placed 4th out of 9 schools, which is a huge improvement on last year  when we were 9th.

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