About our Nursery

A wonderful place of learning and happiness.

  • Staffed by a Nursery Manager / Speech and Language specialist and experienced Nursery Teaching Assistants.
  • 3 Intakes a year – September, January, April (Term after 3rd Birthday).
  • Available sessions – Mornings, Afternoons or All Day.
  • Lunch Club available after, before or between sessions.

This is where we play. This is where we talk. This is where we listen. This is where we learn.

When joining our nursery, each child is assigned a keyworker. A keyworker has special responsibility for a particular child. The keyworker will work with the child and their parents/carers to ensure the child’s care and educational needs. The keyworker’s aim is to ensure the child is happy and feels secure in nursery and to observe, encourage and extend the child’s learning experiences. Nursery is a language rich environment. All staff have a good knowledge of Speech and Language development.

Main duties of our keyworkers

  • To provide for the emotional needs of the child, to comfort and reassure
  • To care for the child
  • To contribute to and ensure that our provision takes into account each child’s race, culture, religion, language and family values.
  • To liaise with parents/carers
  • To observe the child’s progress and share this electronically with parents on 2simple
  • To meet the parents/carers in line with the whole school parents evenings to discuss a child’s progress.
  • To be available to speak to the parents/carers at the beginning and end of sessions.
  • If necessary to liaise with the allocated member of staff who is responsible for Child Protection.
  • The keyworker will ensure parents/carers are always contacted about any concerns involving their child.
  • The keyworker will respect confidentiality

Our day

Our nursery day starts with the children joining their keyworker for registration. This small group registration allows the children to get used to this important time of the day in a small, relaxed and quiet group, which prepares them for school. Having registered, the days learning in explained, enabling children to make independent choices about what activities they wish to take part in. As part of their day children take part in two focused activities. These activities are planned around the terms theme and are linked to the EYFS objectives. We are fortunate to have a fantastic, secure and secluded outside area, which children have free access to. Once outside children can explore the wild area, develop a number of gross motor skills and express their creativity. We promote a healthy lifestyle, at snack time children are offered a variety of healthy snacks before being encouraged to make an independent selection.

A lovely setting with lots of fun play & learning resources.
A garden to explore.

Applying for a Nursery Place

For more information, please contact our school office on 01280 709792 and ask to speak to:

  • Mrs Newton – Nursery Admissions Administrator
  • Mrs Reynolds – Nursery Teacher / Speech & Language Practitioner

Times & Fees

We have two 3 hour sessions a day:

  • Morning (8.45-11.45) and Afternoon (12.30 – 3.30).
  • We can now offer parents a limited number of places for their free 30 hour entitlement.
  • You choose either all mornings or all afternoons for your 5 funded sessions a week but can book other sessions (if available) for a cost of £12.50 each.

Nursery Lunch Club

We run a Nursery lunch club which means that your child can:

  • stay an additional 45 minutes after their morning session and be collected at 12.30,
  • start their afternoon session 45 minutes early at 11.45, or
  • stay all day from 8.45 to 3.30 (for those choosing to fund additional sessions)
  • Lunch club is 45 minutes and costs £4 (please send in a packed lunch)

Transferring to Reception

You can come to our Nursery even if you don’t come to our school afterwards but many families whose children join our Nursery then apply for a place in Reception in our school.

Mrs Newton will be happy to give you information about applying for a Primary place.

Please come and visit to see how lovely we are!

“We are delighted with Molly’s report and all of its positive comments. She has had a good year with Miss Harding and she has been a great teacher”

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