Family Forum

Meetings run BY Parents and Carers FOR Parents and Carers to develop Communication with the School

Our Family Forum is…

  • a group led and run by parents, for parents
  • a group that can advise the school on parental views
  • a forum through which the school can consult parents
  • a place for parents to learn more about the school
  • a place for the school to learn more about parents

Our Family Forum is not…

  • a body that makes decisions for the school
  • a replacement for the governing body, FOSS or the School Council
  • a forum for discussions about individual teachers, pupils or parents

At the first meeting to set up the Family Forum, the following was decided:

  • All parents and carers are welcome to any meeting, including members of a child’s wider family who have a part to play in caring for them, such as grandparents.
  • Meetings will be held three to six times per year; once or twice every short term.  The times and dates for meetings will be put on to the school calendar.
  • Each meeting will be chaired by a parent who volunteers at the previous meeting. A member of school staff will be present.
  • The items for discussion will be partly generated by the school – there may be issues that the school would like parents’ views on – and partly from parents and carers via a suggestions/comments box. 
  • The items for discussion will be communicated via a newsletter prior to the Family Forum meeting. 

If you would like further information email 

“We are delighted with Molly’s report and all of its positive comments. She has had a good year with Miss Harding and she has been a great teacher”

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