Health & Wellbeing

No Smoking Policy

The school operates a no smoking policy on the school site at all times. Parents and friends, as well as staff, are requested to abide by this policy which is aimed at providing a healthier environment for all staff and especially the children in our care.

Medicines and Tablets

There are times when your child may have to take medicine prescribed by a doctor. At school we are only able to administer long-term prescriptions which have been prescribed by a paediatrician (one exception to this rule is that of inhalers). If you child needs a prescription administered three times a day, it should be possible to give the middle dose straight after school. If your child uses an inhaler, please ensure that we have an in-date additional inhaler which is in the box with the prescription label attached.


Sick children cannot be adequately cared for in school, so if your child is unwell it is best to keep him/her at home. Cases of diarrhoea and sickness should be kept away for 48 hours after disappearance of the symptoms. Please keep us informed of any infectious diseases.

Accidents and Emergencies

From time to time accidents unfortunately happen or sometimes children fall ill at school. In such cases we need to contact you or a trusted friend or relative as quickly as possible. Please ensure that we have up to date contact telephone numbers for home, work and mobiles. Minor cuts and bruises we can deal with, we have qualified first aiders. On the rare occasions when a child suffers an injury for which we feel medical advice is needed, then we may arrange for him/her to be taken to hospital but doctors are very reluctant to give treatment unless a parent is present. It is important we can contact you quickly so please ensure all your contact details are regularly updated.

“Good behaviour is a strength of the school.”

IQM Report 2018

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