On Thursday 5th July the School Councillors had a breakfast meeting and were joined by Councillor Tiller to talk about the similarities there might be between being a school Councillor and a town Councillor.

He asked us how we would like to see the town improved for young people and was interested in our answers. Some of our ideas were also ideas that the town council were already looking at.

Some of the questions and answers were:

Q: How do you become a councillor?

A: I got elected?

Q: What is the most fun bit about being a councillor?

A: Helping other people.

Q: Who attends you meetings and where are they?

A: The meetings are held in the community room in the old fire station at the moment, but normally in the Town Hall and anybody who lives in Brackley can go to them.

Q: Do Councillors get paid?

A: No it’s all voluntary.

After that we took him on a tour of the school and the councillors in each area talked to Mr Tiller about their area of the school.

Aoife: This is KS1, it is fun and the teachers are kind

Matilda: In KS1, everyone knows what we are doing because we have a special schedule on the board. My classroom is brilliant because it has a fantastic book corner. It also helps me learn as is has lots of learning challenges around the room.

Arianne: we like exercising at our school, we do the daily mile. We also have sports leaders, who are in year 5 and 6.

Callum: This is Lower Key Stage 2, I enjoy being in year 3 and 4 because everyone is so friendly

Oliver: Each year every year group does a performance. This year, year 3 and 4 did an Easter production, this year the production was about how chocolate eggs are made.

Holly: Year 3 and 4 go on trips, Year 3 went to Everdon and year 4 went to Evenley Woods.

Kester: We learn in lots of fun ways. I really like my class because I can work with anyone because we all get on.

Anya: in year 5 & 6 we have more responsibilities, like setting up for assembly. The year 6 children are currently on transition at Magdalen School, lots of them don’t want to leave our school.